PANEL OF JUDGES – to be advised soon.

The winners of the Australia Rueda de Casino Championship and Cuban Dance Festival 2020 will be decided by a panel of expert judges, all of whom are highly accomplished and well respected. All of the judges are neutral and not affiliated with any of the schools involved in the competition.

The judges will be aware of all judging criteria for each category.

To maintain fair judgment, if there is a big difference in allocation of points from one judge compared to the other four, then that judge will be asked to explain his/ her decision to the other judges. This is to avoid a judge being “biased” towards any competitors.  A head judge will also be present to ensure fairness is executed at all times.

The head judge will have final say on all discrepancies, equal scores, etc and all decisions are final.

No ARCC competition judge can be affiliated with a competing Rueda team.


Musicality & Consistency with the beat

Partnering – Lead & follow; unity/synchronization within the teams

Danceability & Music Interpretation – Style, control and execution of the dance or choreography.

Appearance/ Stage presence – Connection, Costumes, confidence and presentation.