Cuban Open Competition & Rueda Couple of the Year

Want to compete, but not in the main competition?

We have two more competitions running alongside the Championship – An Open Cuban Comp, and a Couple’s Comp. Read below for more information.


Open Cuban Competition

Now is your opportunity to showcase your talents as a team for a fun competition on the opening night The Australian Rueda de Casino Festival and Championship.

Are you passionate about Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Rumba, Reggaeton, Timba, Ladies/Mens Styling or Afro Cuban? Then form a team with your dancing friends and join this fun, exciting event. Your team can compete in any of these dance styles in an open competition on the night of Friday 12th October. You’ll become an integral part of the festival and also enjoy a full weekend of parties and workshops 12th – 14th October 2018.

You need a team of six or more dancers and can perform any Cuban dance EXCEPT Rueda. Your music must be Cuban. There is a trophy for the winning team as assessed by our judging panel which consists of professional dancers of all styles and nationalities.

Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to immerse yourself in the stimulating and dynamic Cuban dance world.


Open Cuban Competition Requirements

Teams of 6 or more dancers

Perform any style of Cuban dance (EXCEPT Rueda de Casino)

Your music must be Cuban and maximum 3 minutes in length

The competition will be a single choreography round only (no freestyle round)

This is an open competition to all dancers regardless of experience level - professional or amateur

All competitors must purchase competitors pass for the event - click here to buy tickets


Rueda Couple of the Year

Are you Australia’s hottest Rueda dancers? Join us in this fun competition – a giant Rueda with an elimination rounds leaving us with the last best couple standing. Winners of this competition will win a free pass to the 2019 Australian Rueda de Casino Festival & Championship.

Pick your partner and start practicing and perfecting the moves. When you go into the competition together you pretty much leave together.

The main objective is to ensure that none lose the movement and be the last standing. If you lose the movement and the judges catch you, you and your original partner are out. The winner of this competition is the couple that remains standing in the end.


How to enter:

1. Make sure you have a ticket for the weekend.

2. Join the giant Rueda

3. Listen to the call, and give us your best interpretation of the moves

4. Make sure you don’t miss any calls otherwise you’ll need to step out of the Rueda.

5. The last two dancers standing will be crowned winners!

Please note:  For this competition, you must choose your own partner since you will be judged as a couple of Rueda de Casino.