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Are you ready for the 7th annual event ? 

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This year the event will be held on Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019 in Sydney, Australia! All workshops, performances and parties will be held at Paddington RSL in Sydney.

This event features a world-class Cuban teachers, sharing the very best of their repertoires, taking your dancing to the next level. Two days of workshops with Cuban masters will improve your knowledge and style plus three nights of unforgettable parties with a Cuban flavour!

Although we focus on Afro Cuban, we also incorporate Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino and many other Cuban style dancing over the 3 days/nights.

Don’t miss out on this historic event ! We KNOW you will enjoy it again.

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For any queries, please email : ruedadecasinochampionship@gmail.com

Venue : Paddington RSL. Oxford Street, Paddington NSW.

The two events alternate each year to allow dance schools time to prepare for the competition.

  • 2020 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2021 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2022 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2023 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2024 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2025 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival




Afro Cuban

Afro-Cuban music is also influenced by African ethnic groups from the congo and arara region, as well as by the all-male society of the Abakua. Palo/Mayombe Palo traditions come from the Bantú people of Central Africa (particularly from Congo). The Bantú represent the majority of African slav

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