Australian Rueda Championship & Cuban Dance is proud to present :

2020 Rueda de Casino Championships !!

ARCCDF 2018 Pro Team Winners – Danza Loca from Perth!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Cuban event in 2019.

We had an amazing weekend full of workshops, performances, showcase and party.

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Their AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE performance!Don’t miss out this outstanding event made it for you!See you then!

Posted by Buena Vista Dance on Friday, August 9, 2019

This event features a world-class Cuban teachers, sharing the very best of their repertoires, taking your dancing to the next level. Two days of workshops with Cuban masters will improve your knowledge and style plus three nights of unforgettable parties with a Cuban flavour!

Tumba Francesa What is Tumba Francesa and where is it from?Tumba francesa is a secular Afro-Cuban genre of dance, song, and drumming that emerged in Oriente, Cuba. It was introduced by slaves from Haiti—then a French colony known as Saint-Domingue—whose owners resettled in Cuba's eastern regions following the slave rebellion during the 1790s. The genre flourished in the late 19th century with the establishment of sociedades de tumba francesa (tumba francesa societies), of which only three survive.Dance:The dance in tumba francesa is similar to Haitian affranchi, which involves a series of straight-backed, held-torso, French style figures followed by African improvisation on the final set, but tumba francesa is danced to drums instead of string and woodwind instruments. The clothes of the dancers are colorful and flamboyant.Toques :There are three main toques, or types of tumba performance, each associated with a specific dance.MASÓN. This is the first toque. It features the whole music ensemble and is associated with a quadrille-style dance similar to the contradanza.YUBA. This toque follows the masón and involves the catá and the three tumbas. It is accompanied by the main tumba dance, which is improvised.FRENTÉ. (or fronté). Originally the final section of the yubá, this is now considered an individual toque. It involves the catá, the premier and the bulá. It is played in front of the drums, hence the name.An additional toque called cinta is only performed in Santiago de Cuba.Click here to see how Tumba Francesa is dancedhttps://youtu.be/Idup_mdbiechttps://youtu.be/bDsvfhXd5Mw

Posted by Australian Rueda Championship & Cuban Dance Festival on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

For any queries, please email : ruedadecasinochampionship@gmail.com

Venue : Paddington RSL. Oxford Street, Paddington NSW.

The two events alternate each year to allow dance schools time to prepare for the competition.

  • 2020 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2021 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2022 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2023 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2024 – Australian Rueda Championship and Cuban Dance Festival
  • 2025 – Sydney Cuban Dance Festival



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